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Opportunities with Realty Partners - The Agent Owned Company!

The Purpose of Realty Partners is to provide a vehicle for real estate agents like yourself to truly own their business and their lives.
Our Mission is to Help Agents Make More Money and Be More Successful. 
As an agent we not only provide you with superior technology solutions, resources, training, lead generation and marketing, but we also offer you the opportunity to benefit from profit sharing and equity ownership - laying the foundation for true long term financial independence.
Realty Partners is The Agent Owned Company. Our Agents own the majority of the company and share the majority of its profits.

Realty Partners was founded by Thomas Heimann, a successful serial entrepreneur with a 10 years experience in the real estate industry where he built one of the leading real estate teams in SW Florida, was the top listing agent (# of listings) for several years in a row, and pioneered new business models in both the real estate and title industry.

Realty Partners was founded to create a truly agent-centric business model that recognizes the agents as the businesses true drivers of success and subsequently rewards them by sharing in the overall success of the company through the Industry's first true profit sharing and retirement plan.

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